AQM 500

Détails techniques

MoteurTangencial + thru flowTurbines2+2
Moteur MarqueDomeldb65
Puissance (W)3500Amps14
Air Watts1100Diamètre (cm)30
Air Flow (m3/h)350Hauteur (cm)123
Dépression (mm h2o)3300Pois (Kg)24
Voltage230Contenance du réservoir(Lt)30
Our Aquamatic models have an air valve that will help to empty the deposit and also a discharge valve that will be closed when the machine is working to avoid losing water to the plumbs.
The Aquamatic got two inox sensors that will open the discharge valve and the air valve to send the water and dirt to the plumbs.
In the deposit is installed a grid to avoid the passage of any bigger element to the plumbs, with this we will secure any accessory that you have vacuum without intention of it and also secure the plumbs of any obstruction.

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