LogVac Luxury

The luxury for your house

The LogVac Luxury inlet emerges from the partnership’s success between two big national companies, Aspilusa and Efapel. Taking advantage from the high quality of the Aspilusa vacuum inlet and adding to it the refinement of series Logus 90 mirrors from Efapel, was created an inlet that will revolutionize the Central Vacuum market. With a very attractive design, this inlet matches any decoration style: from a modern decoration to a more rustic decoration and also if your house has simple lines decoration. This inlet may be inserted and stands out in any of these cases. Now you may create a harmonized decoration with the vacuum inlets and all the other electricity inlets that you may have at your home.

Aluminium, Nickel, Chrome, Inox, Titanium, Beech Wood, Crystal, Granite, Cherry Tree, Mahogamy, Walnut, Gold.

Arbore | Walnut, Beechwood, Cherry Tree, Mahogany.
Metallo | Aluminium, Inox, Gold, Chrome, Titanium, Nickel.
Petra | Granite.
Crystal | Cristal.

with infinite combinations.



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  • Aspilusa working on your full satisfaction
    RafaCEO Ecomax - Poland
  • Aspilusa es la elección en el presente para ganar en el futuro ...
    Mário DiasCEO ElectroGás
  • Aspilusa es el árbol que da mejores aspiraciones.
    Paulo RainhoCentral Vacuum Professional
  • Aspilusa è la scelta nel presente per vincere nel futuro…
    Mário DiasCEO ElectroGás
  • A Aspilusa trabalha na perfeição
    Daniel WysockiCEO Ecomax - Poland
  • Aspilusa es simplemente genial, genialmente simple.
    Fernando SousaCEO FlipHome