LogVac Animato

Multiple colors for you

LogVac Animato is a inlet that offers you a complementary to your house decoration. You can choose from a wide range of colors to complete the decoration of your house. You will find a solution for your child bedroom, for your living room, or even for any other place that we want to make the difference.

Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Bright Red, Pearl, Brick, Ice, Orange, Graffiti, Alumina, Green, Ivory.



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What our clients say about us

  • Aspilusa trabajando en su plena satisfacción
    RafaCEO Ecomax - Poland
  • Aspilusa is the tree that gives best aspirations.
  • Aspilusa es simplemente genial, genialmente simple.
    Fernando SousaCEO FlipHome
  • Aspilusa is the choice in the present to win in the future…
  • A Aspilusa trabalha para a sua completa satisfação
    RafaCEO Ecomax - Poland
  • Aspilusa ist die Wahl in der Gegenwart, um die Zukunft zu gewinnen…
    Mário DiasCEO ElectroGás