LogVac Standard

Our new valves blend in

Subsequent to a continuous evolution, as the result of the Aspilusa I&D investment, the new valves have a discreet but elegant design.

Designed with a sense of outside simplicity, Aspilusa valves are one of the essential elements in the central vacuuming system of the brand. The Aspilusa inlet valves have a discreet elegance combining with the existing wall inlets.

Available in 6 diferent colours
Black | Almond | Grey | Brown | Metal | White
with infinite combinations.

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What our clients say about us

  • Aspilusa ist die Wahl in der Gegenwart, um die Zukunft zu gewinnen…
    Mário DiasCEO ElectroGás
  • Aspilusa è semplicemente ingegnoso, ingegnosamente semplice.
    Fernando SousaCEO FlipHome
  • Aspilusa is simply ingenious, ingeniously simple.
  • Aspilusa is the choice in the present to win in the future…
  • Aspilusa is the tree that gives best aspirations.
  • Aspilusa lavora per la tua piena soddisfazione
    RafaCEO Ecomax - Poland